Posted by: Wayne | July 1, 2011

Two Hours Before the Mast

Greetings from the wife. Today some friends from work went sailing in a Flying Scot and invited Wayne along. It was his first time in a completed sailboat.


It takes some gall, I think, for us to be building a boat. Our combined water-based experience consists of occasional sailing as a pint-sized passenger, today’s afternoon on a sailboat, and canoe excursions. We’re daft. Potty. Nuts.

But back to today’s excursion. Wayne loved it. He wasn’t seasick. No one died. There weren’t even many barnacles to be scraped against when they keel-hauled him. Furthermore, (according to the skipper) he was picking things up quickly. Many thanks to Mark for showing him the ropes.

This evening I’m breathing a slight sigh of relief; this isn’t just going to be a fun building project, but will be entertaining as a completed vessel as well!

The trip out on the water is inspiring us to pick up the pace again. More coving. More gluing of doublers. More sanding and sealing and reaching those *censored* corners. (By the way, I think our boat will be made of epoxy, held together by bits of plywood.) But there is a goal we’re striving towards and it’s cool and wet when you get there.



  1. I went through two large bags of wood flour building “Ellie”. I told my wife once “We should name her ‘Skippy’ – she’s mostly peanut butter!”

    • Joel:

      I know exactly what you mean. How big were the bags? I just opened up my 7th one pound bag of the stuff.

      God bless!

  2. I used two 5-pound bags, so it looks like you’re right on schedule!

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