Posted by: Wayne | July 10, 2011

Progress update

Maria and I have gotten a fair bit of work done since the last update.  Unfortunately, most of it is not very visible.

ALL of the corners on the inside of the boat have been coved. This is looking into the space between bulkheads 1 & 2, which will be under the foredeck.

Doublers have been fitted under all the exposed seat edges and the edges rounded over. This is the rear footwell.

Looking into the forward footwells. These also have doublers. I have also rounded the corners of ALL the exposed stringers.

I made and installed a decorative cap for the centercase. This should also stiffen it a bit more. This will be varnished.

I laminated the curved plywood beam under the forward edge of the rear deck. The deck is still only dry-fitted at this time.

Looking aft. The next steps will be a bit more sanding, followed by a messload of sealing and painting.

With a little bit of luck, she will get wet before the summer is out (dripping sweat REALLY doesn’t count).


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