Posted by: Wayne | July 22, 2011

Sailing on an Asphalt Ocean

Lots of progress over the past two weeks, but with our modem going belly-up, I didn’t have a chance to post until now. We have sanded our last sand and coved our last cove. For now. Inside the boat. Even the kids were put to work. Patrick and Elaina loved it: “You mean we get to use …power tools?!”

Rounding Third and Heading for Home

Many hands make light work? Depends on the hands.

We also enlisted the young crew to help seal and paint. The entire inside as tall as the centercase is sealed and primed, while we wait for a less hellish day to put the topcoats on. Like most of the midwest, (or at least, like those without AC) it was 86 or higher inside, and 95 out, with a heat index of 106 today! That sort of weather sucks the energy right out of my bones, leaving me a soggy mess, with soggy mess-letts underfoot and similarly limp. Unless it comes to shooting arrows with the new bow someone received for his birthday; then there’s lots of energy. But I digress.

Maybe when I grow up I'll be an archer. Or a sailor. Or an archer AND a sailor...

Other than the temperature, it has felt like Christmas in July here. The roller furler for the jib came in. Wayne tried it out before it went out to the boat by attaching it to the newel post and door hinge. He then practiced furling and unfurling the jib in the living room. To tension things properly he had lines in both hands and under a foot and knee. I wish I got a picture. It was like watching someone play Twister with sail parts.

We took Second Wind out on her first little trip: towed from the backyard to the front.

Bye Bye boaty

This was not merely to show her off for the neighbors to gawk at as they drive by, but this way we could get rigging figured out without overhead wires in the way. (At least, that was Wayne’s rationalization. I think it was more for ease of gawking.) Mark the Godsend came over again to help us landlubbers out. He hauled on things and eyeballed things and gave suggestions and admired the progress: all of which was appreciated. The kids climbed on, in and over the boat. They went pearl diving off the port side and fishing for rigging on the starboard. Sometimes they even danced a jig for the sheer joy of being on a boat. Blaise was cheerful through it all.

Sheeting the Jib

Mizzen up, jib furled and preparing the main

Raising the main for the first time


No, they're not practicing seasick drills; this game is "looking for pearls in the ocean"

Go fish.

Gratuitous Baby Picture for Mom. Nothing to do with a boat. Isn't he cute?

We were still a few parts short, but made do and figured out where halyards, jib tracks and anchor points would go. Best of all, we hoisted the sails for the first time. There was a pucker we couldn’t get out but once we have the combing on we should be able to tension it appropriately. It sure was lovely seeing all the sails up, and the summer is flying by. We had better hurry if we want to sail on more than just asphalt this year.


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