Posted by: Wayne | August 4, 2011

American History I Booklist

Considering that this is not simply a boatbuilding blog, but also a home for other aspects of life, I’m placing for perusal our history booklist for American History I: Discovery to the end of the Civil War.

I haven’t found a good history spine text for the younger years. Most are as lifeless as cut Queen Anne’s Lace, which shortchanges readers of the thrilling, scandalous, exhilarating story that is history. So we’re simply going to be reading a lot of picture books and storybooks to mark the flow of our national tale. And boy do I have a lot of good stories! Some are ones I’ve read before, while the others are library books on order (chosen by a catchy title and nice illustrations. I’ll get to literary merit after perusing them)

On the whole, I expect we’ll read a bunch of the stories, re-read the more interesting ones, and orally retell the most fascinating parts of those. I’m looking to encourage a synopsis with clear beginning, middle and end. We’ll also divide the facts up into main idea lists and detail lists. I’m also looking for “colorful words” in the summaries. A tall order for first grade? Maybe. We’ll see how it goes.

Discovery: Lief the Lucky (D’Aularie); St. Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus (McGrew)

Columbus: Columbus (D’Aularie)

Missionaries and Indians: Kateri Tekakwitha (Lovasik) St. Isaac Jogues (Medal Stories)

Early Settlements: Sarah Morton’s Day , On the Mayflower (Waters); Felicity Books (American Girl)

Life on the Frontier: Courage of Sarah Noble (Daigliesh)

Everyday Life in the Colonies: Eating the Plates (Penner); a Day in the Life of a Colonial…, Oxcart Man (Hall)

Life in Ohio/ French and Indian War: Spies, Scoundrels and Rogues of the Ohio Frontier (Williams); Matchlock Gun (Edmonds)

Ben Franklin: Ben and Me (Lawson)

Tea and Taxes: Can’t You Make them Behave King George (Fritz); Boston Coffee Party (Rappaport)

Paul Revere’s Ride: Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (Longfellow), Sam the Minuteman (Benchley)

Declaration of Independence: Declaration of Inde. (Finke); Get a Horse Sam Adams (Fritz)

George Washington’s War: Victory or Death (Rappaport); George Washington’s World (Foster)

Baron Von Steuben: (no books, but perhaps a trip to visit the Baron’s doppelganger, who lives up the street from us.)

Constitution: Sssh, we’re writing the Constitution (Fritz)

Star Spangled Banner: By the Dawn’s Early Light (Kroll)

Stretching our Legs: Johnny Appleseed (Kellogg; Lindberg); The Louisiana Purchase What a Deal (Marsh)

Louis and Clark: From East to West (Hedstrom-Page); My Name is York (Steenwyk); The Crossing (Napoli); Bad River Boys (Sneve)

Oregon Trail: Araminta’s Paint Box (Ackerman); Journey of a Pioneer (Murphy); Oregon Trail Cooking (Gunderson); Going West (Van Leeuwen)

Gold in Them ‘Thar Hills: Gold Fever (Schanzer); Gold Rush A Young Prospector’s Guide (Klein)

Davy Crockett:  Narrow Escapes of Davy Crockett (Dewey)

Pony Express: Off Like the Wind (Johnson); Bronco Charlie (Brill); Pony Express! (Kroll); The Sweetwater Run (Glass)

Transcontinental Railroad: Ten Mile Day; John Henry (Lester)

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Little House on the Prairie (Wilder)

Slaves and Runaways: Many Thousands Gone; The People Could Fly (Hamilton)

Harriet Tubman: Runaway Slave (McGovern)

Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln (D’Aularie)

Politics as Usual: Lincoln- Douglas Debates

Robert E. Lee: Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen (Williams)

Gettysburg: Gettysburg Address (Finke) Voices of Gettysburg (Garland); The Last Brother (Noble); Thunder at Gettysburg (Gauch); Just a Few Words Mr. Lincoln (Fritz)

Appatomax: Marching to Appatomax (Starke); Willie McLean and the Appatomax Surrender (Ransom)



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