Posted by: Wayne | August 6, 2011

Decked and railing against the machine

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Last weekend, I managed to get the deck successfully installed.  It was also coved underneath (by my lovely assistant) and the doublers were added under the edge of the foredeck.  During the week I machined and scarfed the rubrails.  I also slightly lengthened the main sprit (by about 200mm).  During the earlier rigging test I was running out of sprit before the main was properly tensioned.

The deck has just been installed in this picture.

Looking aft over the port bow.

Side decks and rear deck installed.

A drop cloth was used to reduce the number of epoxy drips on the paint.

She is a rather buxom lady. This angle definitely makes her butt look big.

Today my lovely assistant and myself installed the rubrails.  This was entertaining, as they not only bend in both directions, they also twist at multiple points.  After consultation with the Welsford group on Yahoo, we decided to implement the “brute force” method.  This involved yours truly driving screws while the lovely assistant “eased” things into position.

Rails installed. Now we wait for epoxy to cure.

Another view of the rails.

Looking from straight ahead at the railed boat. I used a combination of screws, a notched piece of wood, four clamps, and two spanish windlasses to hold the bow in position.

Looking into the forward cockpit.

Looking into the aft cockpit.

My lovely assistant. She has been a huge help with coving and filling screw holes.

Hopefully over the next couple of days we can get the coaming made and installed.  Then I will plan on flipping her and working on her underside (the boat, not my wife).


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