Posted by: Wayne | August 7, 2011

Coaming along slowly

Today was a slower day.  I removed all of the screws from the rubrails (all 80 of them).  I trimmed the aft ends flush with the transom.  I also patterned, cut, and installed the forward coaming.

The plans show the two side coamings sweeping forward and inwards to meet at a point just aft of the mainmast.  It didn’t look like the 1/4 inch plywood I have wanted to make that curve while remaining intact, so I decided on plan B.  This involved bringing the side coamings up to a point a little bit aft of the mast and installing a single curved forward coaming to bridge the gap between them.  That forward coaming is the piece I installed today.  Even so, bending 1/4 inch plywood into a roughly 30 inch radius is no walk in the park.

Looking aft over the starboard bow. The forward coaming is clearly visible. The many dollops of epoxy on the rubrail are filling the screw holes.

Looking aft from straight ahead. I think it looks pretty decent so far.

The inside of the forward coaming. Here you can see the goodly collection of screws and clamps holding this piece of plywood in position.

Tomorrow I can remove all of the screws and clamps.  Tomorrow evening I get to fit and hopefully install a bit more of the coaming, moving aft as I do so.  This boat will get done eventually…


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