Posted by: Wayne | August 15, 2011

Up and over

This afternoon I had a collection of friends over and flipped the boat upside down.  She is now inverted on the trailer, although a bit wet (rain).   I will let the many pictures captured by my wife tell the story.

Getting ready to pick the boat. There are two long boards under the boat as well as a single short one at the transom.

The boat is off the trailer and moving aft. The flex in the boards helps distribute the load better.

Moving the boat laterally prior to rolling her over. Yes, two of us are picking her. Yes, she weighs in at about 350 pounds. It's all in the technique.

Beginning to tip the boat over. There are three people on the starboard side.

Almost to the balance point.

Balanced on the port gunwale.

She has just passed the balance point and is beginning down.

Coming down a bit further.

She is almost all the way over.

She is safely inverted.

Moving the boat laterally again to center her on the lifting bars.

The boat is finally inverted.

Now it is time to put her back on the trailer.

Would you believe that the gentleman on the right is a mild mannered web developer?

Of course it decided to rain before we could get the boat under cover.

She is back in the garage. She got rather drenched, so we now need to wait for things to fully dry before we paint or glue.

Now we need to wait for things to dry, then it will be time to trim the case logs and chines, then I get to glass the case edges and the bottom chine.

Thanks to Bill, Jim, John, Peter, and Tom.  I couldn’t have done it without you!


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