Posted by: Wayne | September 17, 2011


The past couple of days have been busy on the boat.  We would like to finish it before we run out of painting weather.  Yesterday ended with the last of the screw holes filled and the waterline marked.

All screw holes have been filled and the waterline is masked.

A quarter view of the masked waterline. These first pictures show what we started with today.

Looking over the fore quarter. The topsides have been sealed and below the waterline has been primed.

Looking aft from the bow. The masking tape is to keep paint off of the faying surface for the lower rubrail.

Looking forward. The transom will be varnished, not painted.

The foils. The rudder blade is in the foreground, with the centerboard behind it. These will both receive bottom paint.

The topsides and bottom have both been primed.

Another shot of the fully primed exterior. The hole near the bow is for the anchor well scupper. The stem cap will be varnished, hence the tape.

Looking forward at the fully primed hull. Again, the transom will be varnished, as will the rubrails. Tomorrow we begin putting the first of two topcoats on topsides and bottom.


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