Posted by: Wayne | September 18, 2011

Painting: First Coat

Today was busy.  Maria got a ton of sanding done on spars in preparation for varnish.  We also found and filled some small voids in the masts and the tiller.

The big news was that we got the first coat of paint on the outside of the boat.  I painted “below” the waterline, including inside the centercase and the foils, then painted “above” the waterline.  I simply cut to the line in each case.  The bootstripe should help cover any wiggles where the two colors meet.

The first coat of paint is on the outside of the hull.

Maria hard at work painting inside the hull. The underside of the deck is easier to paint while the boat is inverted.

Looking forward. The transom will be varnished, the other colors are as shown.

Looking past the other quarter.

The painted rudder blade.

The painted centerboard.

A close up shot of the waterline.

Looking aft past the fore quarter.

We are getting closer to the point where we flip the hull upright again.

One useful trick we found over the past couple of days:  If you get paint on a part that will be varnished, take a rag with some thinner on it and just wipe off the paint.  Having found this trick, it seems obvious.  Prior to this, it didn’t seem quite so intuitive.


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