Posted by: Wayne | September 21, 2011

Painting: Second Coat

Yesterday evening Maria and I got the second coat of paint on the outside of the boat.  We are planning a rollover party on Friday.  Before that time we would like to install the lower rub strip (over the unpainted strip), as well as mask for the boot stripe.

This is how I have been painting inside the centerecase. I use a roller on a stick for most of it, and a brush on a stick for the rest. After I finish the centercase, the rest of the hull is easy.

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, we can flip the world upside-down and view the boat rightside-up!

A view from off the port bow.

A view from off the starboard bow. Pretend the trailer tongue is a bowsprit.

Looking forward.

Looking at the sheer.

Looking at supplies (we have run out of white paint), we are planning on varnishing the rubrails, the centercase cap, the rudderhead and the tiller.  We will be painting the coamings and the portion of the centercase above the seats and below the cap green (same color as the topsides).  There will be a black bootstripe hiding the transition between bottom paint and topsides paint.

Now a question for our loyal readers (all two of you):

Should we varnish the transom or paint it green?



  1. Looking good Wayne, although I must confess I’m a little dizzy after looking at those upside-down photos. I think I’ll go lay down now. lol!
    I vote for a varnished transom.

    • Don’t worry Joel. I will post “normal” upright pictures once the boat has been rolled. I am also leaning towards varnishing the transom.

      God bless!

  2. hey wayne – looking really good. varnish or not to varnish tis the question that vexeth many a man

    OK – if grain of wood is really good pattern – a varnish transom would look spectacular. against that – varnish needs constant attention, re-coating etc etc and frankly several good coats of paint would save some real hassle; dings from outboard brackets? etc etc?

    with deference to joel, whose navigator and craftsmanship looks stunning, i vote paint!!! But then lets face it arwen, bless her, is no masterpiece of craftsmanship – dents, dings, mistakes – white paint covers a multitude of sins….but boy do i LOVE my boat!!

    if i were a better craftsman …i might lean towards varnish……but i’m lazy….paint is quicker to reapply…..what an awful admission – sorry guys!!

    arwens meanderings

    • Steve:

      It sounds like we have similar building styles. My wife wants much more varnish than I do.

      God bless!

  3. There are lots of good points made against it, but part of the beauty of a wooden boat is that it is made out of wood. I vote varnish!

  4. Is it just me, or does the first photo of painting the centercase look like Wayne is a giant, setting a lightpost in the sidewalk. The perspective is perfect with the house in the background. How funny! My vote, is to varnish. It will look classic against the green topsides.

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