Posted by: Wayne | September 28, 2011

Prepping for paint

The past several days have been busy on the boat, but there has not been a whole lot of visible progress.  The lower rubrail has been glued into place.  The riser blocks (main sheet base and camcleat, mizzen sheet fairlead and camcleat, port and starboard jib sheet camcleats) have all been made and installed.  Several of the access holes into the side seat bays have been enlarged (we originally cut one hole per side seat, then realized we needed two more per side to properly cove, then realized the access plates we used were an unusual size, and had been discontinued…).  The last of the filling and coving has been done (we should be DONE with epoxy on this boat).

This afternoon my lovely wife finished the last of the sanding and applied a coat of sealer to all exposed wood prior to paint and varnish.

Looking at the side of the boat. Yes, some of the green has been scuffed, yes we will touch it up.

Looking at the after part of the coaming. We are still thinking of varnishing this. We will try to sand out the white paint drip.

We have decided to order another quart of white.  This will let us paint the centercase above the seat tops.  It will also let us add another coat to the seat tops, as they look like they could use it.

Now we just have to get the painting and varnishing done before we run out of appropriate weather.




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