Posted by: Wayne | October 18, 2011

Post sailing analysis

My lovely wife has shared her take on the launch and sailing of Good Enough.  Here are some of my reactions and observations from that event.  Unfortunately, I have lots of words and no pictures.  If you are looking for pictures, try the previous post.

There was some good, some bad, and a little bit of ugly.

The good:

  • She floats.  As ridiculous as it sounds, this is something you don’t know until launch.
  • She sails rather well.  She also is quite happy with a decent breeze.
  • She has enough room for the whole family, at least at the moment.
  • All of the controls fall to hand nicely.  The tiller and sheets are all easy to reach.  She is not set up for singlehanded sailing, as there will almost certainly be one or more crew for years to come.

The bad:

  • The mainsail has a bit of a crease.
  • The jib sheets tend to foul on the anchor when off the wind.  On the wind this doesn’t seem to be a problem.
  • She has a tendency to loose steerage if speed isn’t kept up.  This makes things rather … interesting when dealing with fluky winds in a narrow channel with other boars around.

The ugly:

  • There is a leak in the starboard side seat.


Before the next sail, I am hoping to fix most if not all of these problems.

Things to do:

  • Repair the leak.  It turns out to be a screw hole that looked filled but wasn’t quite.  I found it by filling the starboard side seat with water and looking for the drip.  The leak has been drilled out to about 1/4″ diameter by 1/4″ deep.  In a few days, after the wood has dried, I plan to fill the newly cleaned void with thickened epoxy.
  • Clean up the crease in the mainsail.  I think there are three things I can do to improve this:
  • Keep the mainsail halyard from creeping up the mast under load.  I figure that a line with a loop around the yard just above the halyard to a snap shackle hooked to the saddle at the bottom of the yard.  This line may even be usable to replace the upper parrel.
  • Keep the knot in the mainsail halyard from slipping/creeping/tightening under load.  Knots creep under load.  Splices do not.  I think I may splice a loop at the end, then use one of those new fangled spool shackles to attach it to the yard.
  • Re-tie the parrels on the mainmast, especially the lower parrel.  They are currently tied with a carrick bend which seems to be creeping a bit.  I hear a triple fisherman’s bend works well in dyneema line.  Any suggestions for a better knot are more than welcome.
  • Keep the jib sheets out of the anchor.  I am planning on laminating up a wooden bow to go over the anchor and keep the jib sheets clear.  This will be screwed and bedded to the deck.
  • Install a cleat for the rudder uphaul on the tiller opposite the downhaul cleat.
  • Set up reefing.  This will involve adding another cleat to the yard, reeving a line from the saddle at the clew, up through the grommet at the reefed clew, then around the reefing block already installed and up to the new cleat.  I will also need to install reef nettles to bundle the sail up neatly.

I am hoping to get all of this done in the next two weeks or so.  Time will tell if that is an achievable goal.


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