Posted by: Wayne | November 30, 2011

Buckeye Lake Pictures

The day at Buckeye Lake was lovely. Here are some of our pictures from it.

A good stiff breeze

Three generations in a boat.

Tying a reef in was very prudent.

Mom was quick releasing the jib sheets and pulling them in when necessary. I guess some things just aren’t forgotten, even after a couple decades surrounded by landlubbers.

Starboard Spray! One of only a couple times we got wet that day.

Plowing through chop, or Patrick's spoonerism: "We were really chopping through the plow."

Striking the Main without the benefit of Lazy Jacks

Down She Comes-- heads up, Mom!

Gather it in

Coming into the Dock

Just a quick note on lifejackets. Gabriel is in an old vest, but it’s still quite functional. The crotchstrap is a must with small kids. We keep them in vests if they’re going onto a dock, or going near the water. With only two hands among four kids, I’m outnumbered if someone decides to go swimming accidentally. Keeping them vested saves on gray hair moments for me and gives me an extra moment to grab them before I go swimming.

A few whitecaps while sailing with Dad and Rose

Docking with Jib and Jigger. This will be a standard practice from here out.

Walking the balance beam from the car out to the boat

Mom was quite a help keeping the boat lined up with the trailer.

Gratuitous Cuteness



  1. awesome post wayne – now that is what small boat family sailing is all about.
    haven’t forgotten you last comment to me. have it saved and will get in touch soon via email once all marking and exams are out of way

    great post lovely family fantastic looking boat

  2. Pretty exciting Wayne! This is quite the inspiration to me. Joe

  3. Awesome job on the boat. That looks like so much fun. I especially love the “Gratuitous Cuteness.”

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