Posted by: Wayne | February 6, 2012

Living Room Boating

My goodness; long time no blog-y. Granted, there’s not much to say or do in the winter. Even still, we boat as we can.

Blaise received a saucer/doughnut/sit-in-toy this past Christmas from a lovely aunt. Being too young to speak, and only just starting to crawl, he had trouble both expressing and enforcing the concept of “mine.” Without such aforementioned enforcement, Gabriel commandeered said toy as “My New Boat!” He hitches it up to a small car, packs along line and takes Elaina’s dollies and Blaise for boating trips on Lake Living Room. Fortunately, Blaise doesn’t seem to mind sharing.

Also fortunately, they haven’t yet thought of going down the “waterfall stairs” in their vessel.

Riding the wild waterfall stairs is safer in a blanket

Now, I just need to get a video of Elaina dancing around the house singing “Sixteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest, Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum.” and we’ll be all set until spring.



  1. Adorable children! What fun!

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