Posted by: Wayne | March 6, 2012

North to the Future

We interrupt this already aenemic posting rate to say we’ll be a little busy in the next few weeks. Wayne is starting a terrific new job at Avatar Management Services near Cleveland, OH and we’ll be moving in a little over a week. We’re excited about the new prospects, but sad to leave good friends and neighbors we’ve known for the last 12 years. Plus, the ordinary threshold of crazy is getting a little crazier. How can we own so much stuff? Boat projects are the least of our concerns right now, but we still have a couple little ones to get done before moving to a new neighborhood: melting extra lead into the centerboard, getting the boat ready for travel and figuring out which wood to move and which to pitch. Little things.

A definite plus is that we’ll find a good (or great?) lake to sail on nearby. We’re excited and looking forward to the new house and job. North to the future!



  1. Congratulations Wayne and Maria on your terrific new job and home. I hope it brings you great success. Lake Erie will certainly provide plenty of space for many exciting adventures aboard Good Enough. I hope you will still be able to share those adventures with us this summer. Here’s wishing you all the best.

  2. We’re gonna miss you! 🙂 But happy for your new opportunities! Let’s meet at Lake Pymatuning for some sailing adventures. That’s the real great lake and it might even been closer than that other one…

    God bless you!

    Mark, alias Yoda…

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