Posted by: Wayne | April 21, 2012

Tug of War

We are safely moved, mostly unpacked, and Wayne is really enjoying the new job. Time to get back to boatbuilding. After the mishaps of last year, the centerboard needed a bit of work. Wayne thinned it down almost a 1/4 inch, added the last bits of leftover lead, and then repainted it. Today we reinstalled it in the centercase. Removing the board was a bit of a challenge, as Good Enough is a rather heavy dame, and she has to come well off the trailer to allow access to the centercase hole. When we took it out, we had the help of Mark the Amazing. We don’t yet know our neighbors well enough to ask for muscular favors, so it seemed like a good time to substitute brain for brawn.

Wayne hitched the boat trailer to the old minivan and parked in the street. All well and good so far for the Green Team. Next we tied a rope from the lower rudder gudgeon to the roof rack of the new minivan and stuffed a blanket under the lines for padding. With that Team Catherine was ready. With one ever-so-gingerly inching the van forward while the other eased out the trailer winch, we left the boat suspended from the trailer and van. It really was a delicately balanced game of Tug of War with lots of horsepower on each side. Let me say it was a bit dicey to see so much of the boat hanging off the trailer. With the centercase exposed, it was short work to put the board in. I pulled on the up haul line strung through a bunch of blocks and Wayne lined everything up underneath. Easy-Peasy!

We have a little bit more paint touch up to do before we take it out for the first launch of the year– May 13. In the meantime, we’re reading Swallows and Amazons out loud to get in the spirit for this summer’s adventures.

Now Pulling for the Green Team.... Chevy Astro!

Prepping for the Pull with Catherine the Sienna

Here she comes

Time to take our Lord's words to heart: "Friend, do what you have come for" and quickly!


Granted, some of us can't wait until the evening to find out what happens next.



  1. hey it is so good to hear that you are back and blogging – well done on house move and new job. And applying brain and not brawn – good post – well done folks!

    Arwens meanderings

  2. Okay, so Im reading my email backwards-this was amazing ingenuity! So proud of you! Sailing times are getting close! Alleluia!

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