Posted by: Wayne | May 14, 2012

Four generations in a boat

This weekend several members of my extended family were visiting for my younger brother’s college graduation. Fortunately, we were able to meet with them for a short sail at Atwood Lake.  Unfortunately, the weather barely cooperated (light rain before and after sailing, and light winds throughout). We also got to try out the new video camera we acquired. It is a small HD camera in a waterproof case designed to be clamped or strapped to a person or vehicle.  In our case, we clamped it to the base of the mizzen mast. Due to the wind, most of the video was a bit less than exciting.

We did edit and upload the least boring bit of video.  In the boat are Wayne, Wayne’s parents, his grandmother, and our two older children.

Now for a few photos:

Mommy doesn’t notice I’m chewing on gravel!

Closing on the dock

Almost to the dock

Four generations of Johnsons:
From left to right:
Dad, Blaise, Gabriel, Elaina, Patrick, Grandma, Wayne

The boat is ready to roll with the new spar cradles. They deserve their own post, but the picture will suffice for now. This should work better than just tying things into the boat willy-nilly.



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