Posted by: Maria | May 26, 2012

Sandusky Bay or “Well THAT was exciting”

Short post today, longer post tomorrow.

7.7 miles in 2:45. Max speed was 7.5 mph!

After two weekends in a row of blowing into our own sheets to compensate for the lack of wind, we took advantage of the forcasted 11 mph breeze to visit Sandusky Bay, on Lake Erie. It was sporting, to say the least. The boat bounced in the chop and the wind rose to about 17 mph, gusting to over 20. We went roaring along, and I think Elaina giggled for about 10 minutes without stopping. Patrick’s grin couldn’t get any wider when he said, “I think we might need to bail.” Finally, we had water splashing over the deck. Gabriel and Blaise watched the water rush past and applauded our speed. It got a bit dicey, though, and we reefed the main, and then dropped it completely. I think the kids got a little spooked by the swells and wind: Elaina stopped giggling and tried to curl up in a any dry spot she could find. Patrick started asking questions about whether we would capsize. After things settled down (the wind dropped back down to about 7 mph), we put the reefed main back up and came back to the ramp. All in all, it was a rather exciting day! We’ll have pictures and video in another post.










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