Posted by: Maria | June 2, 2012

God Bless Mr. Welsford

Our nighttime prayers have begun to reflect our family outings. Elaina thanks God for making lakes close to our house and for Mr. Welsford who designed our boat. Patrick prays for the other boat creator who was so honest to say that his boat wouldn’t be best for our family (Michael Storer and his Goat Island Skiff). Gabriel just wants to pray for our boat. And for Daddy who sails us places.

And so, Mr. Welsford, if you end up reading this at some point, you are being lifted up in prayer by three thankful kids who are grateful for your sense of design and capable planning. And by their thankful parents as well.

By the way, if any reader has a spare prayer lying around that they want to offer up for us, Wayne could use it. He was playing on the floor with the kids on Wednesday and when he stood up he heard something pop. Turns out it’s a torn meniscus in his right knee. He’s due for an MRI on Thursday to see how extensive the damage is. Right now he’s hopping and hobbling to stay off his game leg and commandeering most of the pillows in the house. And I’m realizing just how helpful he usually is. I’ve had to actually do dishes every night since Wednesday, and go find the phone myself when it rings. Poor, poor me!



  1. hey wayne – thinking of you both – sorry to hear about the knee – good luck with mri

  2. Praying for a speedy recovery. Personally I hate MRI’s, but then I was in one for ages having scans of my neck.
    Give thanks also for the opportunity to build and sail your own boat!
    Get well soon.

    Gath Mor

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