Posted by: Wayne | July 15, 2012

Old hobbies revisited…

Unfortunately, the past couple of weeks have not been kind medically.  I managed to pick up some form of infection in my left elbow.  It was not phased by the oral antibiotics initially prescribed, so I ended up spending about 36 hours in a hospital on IV antibiotics.  Thankfully, I seem to be pretty much back to normal now.

On a lighter note, I have revisited a hobby from many years ago: plastic model building.  I built a little 1/72 scale F4U Corsair model with Patrick (WW2 American Navy fighter).  The past couple of days, I put together a 1/48 scale SBD Dauntless model (WW2 American dive bomber) and thought I would share a picture or two.

The Dauntless model on our (cluttered) mantle.

A frontal shot of the Dauntless model.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to go sailing and resume posts of that nature.  We shall see.



  1. Hey Wayne… are not having a good time of it. I know painful elbows very well – having fractured mine three times in the last five years. You have my deepest sympathy. Nice models by the way
    Hope you are all well

    Arwens meanderings

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