Posted by: Maria | April 13, 2014

Too much of a good thing

We came. We sailed. We ran for home.

After a sailing hiatus of far too long, we all got back on the water today. The forecast was mid-70s and breezy, an unseasonably lovely Palm Sunday for sailing. Portage Lakes is close to home and with 17 knots anticipated, we figured it would be a good day to introduce young master Lawrence, all of 9 months old, to the joys of being on the water. It would be a blustery day, but that’s the exciting part, right? Of course right.

4 Happy Kids and 1 Screamer

Honestly, Lawrence was far from thrilled to be in a life jacket, or temporarily out of Mommy’s arms, but after a while figured this sailing thing wasn’t worth yelling about and fell asleep on my lap. There wasn’t much time for sleep for anyone else on board. That 17 knots was a low estimate. Looking at data for the day, the wind was more like 25, gusting to 30. It was like shades of Sandusky Bay come again.

We’ve had our share of doldrums, but that much wind presents its own challenges.

Wind and waves in Portage Lakes

Getting the boat into the water was the first. Correction: It was easy getting the boat into the water. Getting it to stay at the dock while we got the kids loaded and the sails set was the tricky part. The dock had one cleat at the very end so I held onto the dock lines while Wayne tied a reef in the main. That proved to be a smart move. We wouldn’t have had time once we were underway.

Navigator can handle that sort of wind just fine. Her skipper, on the other hand, gets a little timid when being bounced like that.


Elaina the Fearless loved it. The boys were all happy as long as the trail mix was within reach.

Patrick, Gabriel and Blaise

Wayne and I looked at each other and had the unspoken agreement to cut the day short. He was concentrating on staying upright. I was figuring out a plan if we tipped over. (I’m the better swimmer of the two and I would take Lawrence and Blaise to the nearest shore. He would get Gabriel and the two older kids who know how to float/swim can follow along. That’s why we all wear life jackets. All. The. Time.) Fortunately we could simply rely on his plan A rather than needing my Plan B.

Blaise in Awe

We dropped the main halfway into the trip and sailing on jib and mizzen even got dicey. During the gusts we just pointed into the wind and hung on. After a short time, we figured even this was too exciting. Granted, we were able to realize this without getting a drop in the boat.

Back home, there were pepperoni rolls and strawberry milkshakes all around. The kids are still talking about the next time we go sailing. We’ll wait for a less windy day.



And one more gratuitous baby picture. Lawrence was much happier after we were back in the car. We’ll try again. He’ll learn.







  1. maria, wayne
    really good to hear from you
    what an eventful day
    well done on surviving it
    glad to hear from you all


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