Posted by: Wayne | September 23, 2011


This evening we had a bunch of helpers over to flip the boat back over.

The boat is off of the trailer, preparing to roll her over.

Starting to bring the boat up on her beam. Yes, the centerboard is installed. Yes, it is secured up.

She is up on edge, just starting down.

Many hands make light work.

She is upright. Now to put her back on the trailer.

The boat is safely on the trailer, rightside up. The next time she comes off will be at the launch ramp.

This one is for you, Joel. You can look at the color scheme and sheer without a headache.

That’s all for now, folks.  Now we need to install the riser blocks for camcleats as well as the lower rubrails.  Then it is time for lots of paint and varnish.  The boot stripe will be fun.




  1. Ahhh.. That’s much better Wayne! She’s really looking nice. I love that hull color and can’t wait to see her with her decks painted.

  2. hey wayne – before arwen i built four canoes and a small dory whicvh i finished off for afriend and they were all that green colour – i love it lovely fair lines – brilliant stuff

    arwens meandering

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